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Formulated by a Pharmacist. 

Speeds the healing process allowing for faster recovery from bruising, swelling and pain associated with soft tissue injuries, sports injuries, muscles aches, inflammation, surgical procedures and dermal filler / cosmetic injections.

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"I'm a mom of 2 very active teens. I started using Arnica when a friend  recommended it to me for lower back pain. I have been using Arnica Supreme for many years and very happy with the natural healing the whole  family gets from this great product. 

Anytime the kids complain of any aches I give them Arnica Supreme.
They use to do soccer and Karate, and now they do cross country, rock climbing and  long back packing trips. The've been so use to the natural healing over the years and now they keep a bottle near their toothbrush to take regularly when needed. I buy at least 6 bottles at time so I never run out.  

I highly recommend this product."

From Kathy R - Los Angeles 

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